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How Interim Short Term Management Services Can Benefit Your Business

In the event of a major crisis or unpredictable event that threatens to harm an organization, interim short term management services offer both small businesses and large corporations alike an opportunity to benefit from the assistance of highly experienced people on a temporary basis in a cost-effective manner. Whether an organization lacks the personnel, skills, capacity or time to effectively conduct business as usual or manage important projects, interim short term management services can help businesses that are dealing with an unexpected situation or are in need of a change in direction. When businesses go through a period change due... Read More

Construction Claims Analysis for Construction Disputes

Claims in the construction industry are commonplace and practically impossible to entirely avoid. It is important to resolve construction claims quickly and efficiently once they arise in order to avoid a costly and protracted lawsuit. Construction claims tend to be quite complex, technical, and fact intensive, requiring the need for a thorough construction claims analysis. If you are involved in a construction dispute, hiring a construction claims analysis expert will be invaluable in your efforts to reach an equitable resolution. When a construction claims occurs, how the claim is documented and presented can often mean the difference between whether there... Read More

Construction Claim Preparation Expert Assistance

Unfortunately, most companies in the construction industry will at some point become embroiled in a construction dispute. While some of these claims may get settled out of court through mediation or arbitration, others will inevitably result in litigation. Effective construction claim preparation can often make the difference in how quickly and easily a claim is resolved. Expert assistance in construction claim preparation is available to parties to a construction claim who wish to avoid an expensive and time-consuming lawsuit. In the event of a construction dispute, some construction contracts mandate a formal claim to be submitted in accordance with specific... Read More

The Advantages of Alabama Construction Mediation

Alabama construction disputes have become so common, that most construction contracts now contain clauses requiring some form of alternative dispute resolution in an attempt to avoid lengthy and expensive litigation. While the most common form of alternative dispute resolution for construction disputes is arbitration, contrary to popular belief, it is not always less costly than a traditional lawsuit. However, Alabama construction mediation is available to parties involved in construction disputes who are seeking a better way to resolve their claims outside of the court room. Alabama construction mediation has proven to be very effective in resolving construction disputes in a... Read More

What Does a Construction Claims Expert Do?

Disputes in the construction industry are notoriously complex. Without the assistance of a construction claims expert, parties to a construction dispute are at a great disadvantage in any pre-litigation settlement negotiations or subsequent lawsuit. Consequently, it is advisable to retain the services of an experienced construction claims expert as soon as possible after a construction dispute arises in order to get an accurate claims analysis and properly prepared claim document to assist you in achieving a positive outcome. A construction claims expert has the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience to perform a sound construction project analysis in order to determine... Read More