Construction Claim Preparation Expert Assistance

Unfortunately, most companies in the construction industry will at some point become embroiled in a construction dispute. While some of these claims may get settled out of court through mediation or arbitration, others will inevitably result in litigation. Effective construction claim preparation can often make the difference in how quickly and easily a claim is resolved. Expert assistance in construction claim preparation is available to parties to a construction claim who wish to avoid an expensive and time-consuming lawsuit.

In the event of a construction dispute, some construction contracts mandate a formal claim to be submitted in accordance with specific notice requirements and deadlines for any documentation supporting the claim. Regardless of whether a formal or informal claim process is required, the primary goal of construction claim preparation and submission is to achieve a prompt and equitable resolution of the claim through informed settlement negotiations. If pre-litigation settlement attempts fail to bring about a satisfactory resolution of the claim, a well-prepared claim document will be invaluable in any subsequent construction dispute lawsuit.

Construction claims involving contractors and subcontractors require various expert services in order to result in positive outcomes. Retaining the services of a construction claim preparation expert with knowledge of all the relevant facts surrounding the project, construction law and the construction claims process is essential to the successful resolution of any construction claim. If you are involved in a construction dispute, you should contact a construction claims preparation expert right away to ensure you present a well-prepared claim document that will assist you in achieving the best possible outcome.