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Do You Need a Structural Steel Expert?

In any dispute, whether a court case has been filed or not, the decision to hire an expert witness is a tricky one at times. In most cases, experts are used to break down the complex facts of a dispute for a judge and a jury during a trial. They may also be consulted prior to filing a lawsuit to determine whether the lawsuit is meritorious. Structural steel experts help case parties and their attorneys analyze issues involving the use of steel in various types of building structures. Without a structural steel expert in certain cases, a judge and jury... Read More

What Types of Cases are Steel Fabrication Experts Used in?

Steel fabrication is the process of creating structures by bending, cutting, shaping, and otherwise assembling pieces of steel. If you have ever noticed the steel frame of a building as it is being constructed, you have witnessed the product of steel fabrication. Steel fabrication experts are experienced and knowledgeable in the steel fabrication process, as well as what may happen if there are errors that occur during this process. Steel fabrication experts are valuable in a variety of cases, such as premises liability cases, workers’ compensation claims, and, of course, construction litigation. How would steel fabrication experts be used in... Read More

How Construction Claims Consultants Help in Each Step of a Case

Having a skilled, experienced consultant on your side will benefit you no matter what type of case you may be involved in. Consultants become increasingly valuable as the size and complexity of the case grows. Because construction cases often take years to resolve and require the analysis of thousands of pages of documents, construction claims consultants are excellent resources. Construction claims consultants provide guidance and input throughout a construction case, even if it never goes to trial. At the case’s inception, whether you are the individual bringing a claim or building a defense, you should hire a construction claims consultant... Read More

Hire a Construction Claims Expert to Increase Your Case’s Value

Construction cases, whether they settle prior to trial or spend two weeks in a courtroom battle, are expensive, lengthy, and complicated. These cases often involve dozens of parties, mountains of paperwork, hours of depositions, and thousands upon thousands of dollars of legal fees and court costs. The thought of adding another expense to the pile is daunting to many parties, but hiring a construction claims expert will actually increase the value of your case, offsetting any cost the expert requires during the case. Construction claims experts study the claims and defenses in a case and offer insight into how these... Read More

What Does a Reinforcing Steel Expert Do?

If you have found yourself involved in a construction litigation case, you are probably eager to finalize the claims as soon as possible. Construction claims often linger in the court system for years with massive amounts of money at stake—often reaching the millions of dollars. Because these cases are complex and are expensive to litigate, a number of expert witnesses may be hired to provide supporting evidence for at least some of the claims. Reinforcing steel is used to reinforce concrete in many types of structures. Reinforcing steel is a grid that is placed in wet concrete. The concrete and... Read More
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