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Do You Need an Alabama Construction Arbitrator?

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution procedure that is known for being a faster, cheaper and overall better alternative to litigation. Arbitration can be mandated by a court, a contract, or can be consented to by the parties to a dispute. If you wish to participate in arbitration instead of going to court, you will need to find a competent Alabama construction arbitrator to assist you in your arbitration. Contact an experienced Alabama construction arbitrator to schedule a consultation today. Arbitration involves an informal hearing where an impartial arbitrator listens to the arguments and evidence presented by the parties and... Read More

Why You Will Work with an Alabama Construction Arbitrator

More than any other industry, the construction industry embraces arbitration. Many construction contracts require the use of an Alabama construction arbitrator if a dispute arises. Additionally, many individuals prefer arbitration over litigation for the many benefits that it provides. For these reasons, the question is not if you will need to use an Alabama construction arbitrator but rather when you will. Historically, arbitration has been utilized because it represented a much less expensive process than traditional litigation. Complex construction disputes can cost millions to litigation while you can usually participate in the arbitration process for a fraction of the cost.... Read More

How Do You Choose the Right Alabama Construction Arbitrator?

Arbitration is a type of alternative dispute resolution that takes place outside of court. Arbitration provides many of the benefits of a non-jury trial, but without the delay and expense. Instead of waiting for a trial date for many months, the parties in a construction case may schedule arbitration as soon as they are ready to finalize the case. During construction arbitration, an Alabama construction arbitrator has decision-making authority in the case. After hearing testimony and reviewing evidence, the arbitrator hands down a binding decision that the parties must follow. Only in a limited number of circumstances may this decision... Read More

The Benefits of Hiring a Construction Arbitrator in Alabama

In Alabama, the parties involved in a dispute are encouraged to settle their case outside of the courtroom. These procedures are called alternative dispute resolution. For those involved in construction disputes, Alabama arbitrators are often hired to issue a binding decision in the case. A construction arbitrator has a role that is similar to that of an Alabama trial court judge, but the two processes have significant differences. Arbitration takes place outside of the courthouse. In many cases, it is scheduled in attorney conference rooms. As opposed to a public trial, arbitration is a private proceeding, and decisions may also... Read More

When to Hire an Alabama Construction Arbitrator

Construction projects are complex, fluid, and expensive. While the rewards in terms of profits, satisfaction of seeing a vision come to life, and making a mark in the community and your legacy can be great, the problems that can derail even the best-planned project are numerous. Disputes between all players in a construction project are not uncommon, and the speed with which they can proceed from minor disagreements to work-stopping emergencies can catch people off-guard. Arbitration When such disputes come up, the experienced project manager or investor knows better than to ignore them and shrug them off. Instead, they seek... Read More