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Material Costs, Your Structural Steel Expert, and Exponential Problems

On the one hand, calculating how much it will cost to build a steel structure in Alabama or anywhere else is a matter of math, and thus should be predictable within some very narrow boundaries. And it generally is, if you hire an experienced structural steel expert to help you calculate the actual cost of materials based on your building’s design, size, load requirements, and finishes. However, the fact that a ‘rough’ estimate is easily arrived at by plugging a few basic numbers into an equation leads some to imagine that they do not need the services of such an... Read More

Get Better Shop Fabrication Labor Estimates with a Structural Steel Expert

In many construction projects, the first time anyone thinks about bringing in a structural steel expert is when there are problems: When a lawsuit has been filed, when the building is months behind schedule, when cost overruns have finally edged over into the territory of potential larceny. An expert can be very beneficial at that stage, of course, helping to analyze decisions, materials, costs, and other factors and offer you either an explanation as to why things have gone wrong, or the ammunition you need to win concessions or even a settlement from those involved. However, this could be termed... Read More

Construction Claims Preparation in Alabama and RFI Issues

Many construction teams are familiar with a Request for Information (RFI) solely as an initial stage used in evaluating subcontractors or materials vendors. RFIs are commonly sent out in a standard format to all potential suppliers as a way of documenting their capabilities, and this information is then used to winnow down the potential list until only the most appropriate and capable are left for consideration. However, as many construction firms discover, this is often not the last time you see an RFI. RFIs are used during the project as a way for contractors to bring up issues and change... Read More

Hiring a Construction Claims Expert in Alabama to Examine the Shop Drawing

Despite its ubiquity, necessity, and crucial importance to overall quality and success of any construction project involving fabricated materials, the shop drawing remains the single greatest weak point in any complex construction project. Typically prepared by contractors or subcontractors without the supervision of the architects or engineers, the shop drawing is a unique document provided to the fabricator instructing them on how the materials should be fabricated and how they will be used and installed. Ideally, the contractor knows what they are doing and the shop drawing is accurate and effective and the project proceeds without a hitch. Shop Drawing... Read More

When to Hire an Alabama Construction Arbitrator

Construction projects are complex, fluid, and expensive. While the rewards in terms of profits, satisfaction of seeing a vision come to life, and making a mark in the community and your legacy can be great, the problems that can derail even the best-planned project are numerous. Disputes between all players in a construction project are not uncommon, and the speed with which they can proceed from minor disagreements to work-stopping emergencies can catch people off-guard. Arbitration When such disputes come up, the experienced project manager or investor knows better than to ignore them and shrug them off. Instead, they seek... Read More
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