Hiring a Construction Claims Expert in Alabama to Examine the Shop Drawing

Despite its ubiquity, necessity, and crucial importance to overall quality and success of any construction project involving fabricated materials, the shop drawing remains the single greatest weak point in any complex construction project. Typically prepared by contractors or subcontractors without the supervision of the architects or engineers, the shop drawing is a unique document provided to the fabricator instructing them on how the materials should be fabricated and how they will be used and installed. Ideally, the contractor knows what they are doing and the shop drawing is accurate and effective and the project proceeds without a hitch.

Shop Drawing Problems

However, when this is not the case it’s time to call in a construction claims expert in Alabama to review all the documents in the project, including and perhaps especially all shop drawings. This means that the particular construction claims expert contacted and hired should necessarily have experience reviewing and evaluating shop drawings of all kinds for accuracy of information and clarity of presentation.

If shop drawings are found to be confusing or improperly prepared, the question arises of why the fabrication vendor did not complain or request clarification. However, if the shop drawing includes incorrect specifications or other information it is entirely the fault of the preparing contractor, which will factor into the preparation of the construction claim going forward.

A shop drawing is a very specific document or group of documents that require very specific experience and knowledge to be able to understand, review and analyze. Ensure the construction and materials expert you hire to assist with a construction claim has this necessary experience and skill in order to make your claim as strong as possible under the circumstances and have your dispute settled quickly and positively.