Thinking Outside the Box in Alabama Construction Mediation Cases

One of the most significant benefits of Alabama construction mediation is the ability for the parties involved to fashion a solution that is tailored to their particular interests.  Left for a judge to decide, money damages are the most common form of relief.  However, litigation often comes at the expense of splintering important business relationships and connections.  During Alabama construction mediation, the parties can work to develop solutions that are better suited for them and the needs of their businesses.

During mediation, the parties may take part in a brainstorming session.  During this session, it is important that the parties feel comfortable to throw out any idea they think of.  Even if it is not feasible or the other party does not like it, it remains on the table at first.  It is important during this process that the parties do not reject or criticize ideas.  Many creative solutions are often borne from brainstorming.

For example, the parties may agree to a package deal, such as renegotiating the current contract and using similar parameters for the next contract.  If the dispute involves employment, a solution may be for the business owner to write or approve a recommendation letter that will help the individual secure new employment.

By thinking outside the box, the parties may be able to come up with creative ideas that are also economically sensible.  Not every decision must revolve around money damages as the parties are free to come up with individual solutions for the legal issues that plague them.