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Construction Delays Often More Complex than at First Sight

One of the major frustrations investors and property owners experience when developing a project are delays. While delays that impact the costs and schedule of a construction project are to be expected and as much as possible anticipated, when those delays erode the profitability or the deliverability of a project, it’s not uncommon for a delay/inefficiency analysis expert in Alabama to be brought in to help assess the causes and solutions of delays. As any delay/inefficiency analysis expert in Alabama will tell you, however, this is often not as clear cut as it initially appears, with several causes of delays... Read More

Harmon Tower Debacle Demonstrates You Can’t Rely on Inspections to Catch Reinforcing Steel Problems

Many construction investors or property developers rely on the good faith of their contractors and the legally-required inspections that all major construction projects are subject to catch and defend against problems with improperly-installed reinforcing steel. However, a reinforcing steel expert in Birmingham AL will often tell a different story, as the ongoing saga of the Harmon Tower in Las Vegas has quickly become a cautionary tale in construction circles. The Harmon The Harmon was begun in 2006 and was to be a major new landmark in Las Vegas. Despite regular inspections certifying that the reinforcing steel had been installed correctly,... Read More

Assessing Damages in Structural Steel Lawsuits: Call the Expert

Construction problems can be noticed while work is ongoing in a property, or can take several years to manifest. In the case of Structural Steel, this can even stretch into decades, as improperly formed, welded, or installed structural steel may hold up for some time before failure begins. These delays necessitate the involvement of a structural steel expert in Montgomery AL when a complex construction project begins to show signs of failure. Not only will such an expert be able to trace the causes of failure and determine if it is, in fact, the structural steel at the root of... Read More