Assessing Damages in Structural Steel Lawsuits: Call the Expert

Construction problems can be noticed while work is ongoing in a property, or can take several years to manifest. In the case of Structural Steel, this can even stretch into decades, as improperly formed, welded, or installed structural steel may hold up for some time before failure begins. These delays necessitate the involvement of a structural steel expert in Montgomery AL when a complex construction project begins to show signs of failure. Not only will such an expert be able to trace the causes of failure and determine if it is, in fact, the structural steel at the root of it, they will also be able to value the damages that should be pursued as compensation.

The Complexity of Construction

When problems with structural steel are detected during the active construction phase of a project it can be relatively easy to determine the point of failure and assess damages. When a project is completed or even simply enclosed, it can be much more difficult to first observe structural steel failure. Often by the time it has advanced to the point of being noticeable, damages are very difficult to calculate because the project is either complete and in use, or very nearly so. In such situations, a structural steel expert in Montgomery AL can apply their knowledge of construction techniques to trace the problems and determine definitively that it is caused by failed welds or poorly fabricated steel. Thus a structural steel expert in Montgomery AL will also be able to calculate accurate damages either as a private consultant or as a witness in a litigation. Such an expert should always be the first phone call made when structural steel failure is suspected.