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How to Handle a Construction Project Dispute over Plans and Scope of Work

All too often, a large construction project can go south when a dispute arises over the plans, specifications, and scope of the work. It’s critical that the scope of the project and the plans for accomplishing it are completed early, but in the event that this doesn’t happen, you may find yourself a party to an Alabama legal dispute. Construction project disputes can be complex, making it necessary to contact a large construction project management expert to help represent your side of the case. For the most part, these kinds of disputes happen between the owner and the general contractor... Read More

Do I Need Expert Advice For Analysis of Construction Claims and Damages?

A majority of disputes involving construction claims exist because of delays in project completion, time lags, or defects in the construction, all of which may feel very obvious and visible to the disappointed party. It can be complex and confusing, however, to attempt to quantify the damages associated with these outcomes. Attempting to do this on your own can shortchange you when it comes to your legal dispute, so you should consider bringing in an expert. The analysis of construction claims and damages is critical to your case. Hiring a Birmingham professional who is knowledgeable about how these projects unfold... Read More

Does Arbitration Work in Construction Disputes?

If you find yourself a party to a construction dispute in Montgomery, Alabama, a review of your contract may reveal that arbitration is your next step if you wish to elevate the issue. Arbitration clauses are included in many construction contracts in an effort to take advantage of the alternative dispute resolution benefits associated with arbitration and to avoid the downside of pursuing traditional courtroom litigation. In arbitration, the basics of the dispute are provided to a neutral third party, which can either be a panel or an individual. The decision that is handed down by this individual or panel... Read More

What Can A Structural Steel Expert Do For My Construction Dispute Case?

Worried about the outcome of your construction dispute in Mobile, Alabama? Looking into the use of expert witnesses can be an important decision that will instill confidence in your case and ensure that possible avenues are being explored in your case. When the dispute at hand involves structural steel and important technical and industry-related questions surrounding it, it can be beneficial for your case to retain a structural steel expert in Mobile, Alabama. A structural steel expert can provide critical insight and knowledge for the court regarding problems associated with a particular construction project. In court, a structural steel expert... Read More