Checklist for a Construction Claims Expert

A construction claims expert is an independent consultant who is hired by a construction company to determine the viability of a particular claim.  There are many steps that a construction claims expert takes before delivering an opinion, including:

Review of Documents 

A construction claims expert reviews the documents related to the legal issue, including communications between the parties, contracts, OSHA regulations, claim forms and others.

Analysis of Schedules, Costs and Changes 

The claims expert will also review documentation and information related to the schedule of work, the costs and any changes made.  He or she may look for figures that seem unreasonable or that may have led to the dispute.

Analysis of the Site 

The claims expert often views the site that is related to the dispute.  This allows him or her to spot any safety concerns or evaluate any subpar work.

Cost Estimating 

The claims expert also performs cost estimating and cost analysis in order to determine if inflated costs were part of the problem.


The claims expert might also have to conduct research in order to determine the basis of the claim and its strengths and weaknesses.  He or she might research Alabama laws, OSHA standards, building codes or industry standards.


Other individuals may have pertinent information related to the claim.  The claims expert can talk to these people and learn about this information.

Preparation of Reports

When the claims expert has finished his or her analysis, he or she will prepare a written report.  He or she may also prepare presentations to assist your litigation team and participate in mediation or hearings.