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Use Construction Claim Preparation to Decide How to Proceed with Your Case

Given the many parties involved in a typical construction contract, it is easy to understand why construction claims are so common.  Whether you are considering pursuing a legal claim against the other party or you may be named as a defendant in such a claim, construction claim preparation can give you a better idea about where you stand.  The sooner you start with construction claim preparation, the sooner you will be able to make a decision regarding the path you should take to handle the claim. Regardless of where the case goes, it is important that you conduct a thorough... Read More

Thinking Outside the Box in Alabama Construction Mediation Cases

One of the most significant benefits of Alabama construction mediation is the ability for the parties involved to fashion a solution that is tailored to their particular interests.  Left for a judge to decide, money damages are the most common form of relief.  However, litigation often comes at the expense of splintering important business relationships and connections.  During Alabama construction mediation, the parties can work to develop solutions that are better suited for them and the needs of their businesses. During mediation, the parties may take part in a brainstorming session.  During this session, it is important that the parties... Read More

The Advantages of Alabama Construction Mediation

Alabama construction disputes have become so common, that most construction contracts now contain clauses requiring some form of alternative dispute resolution in an attempt to avoid lengthy and expensive litigation. While the most common form of alternative dispute resolution for construction disputes is arbitration, contrary to popular belief, it is not always less costly than a traditional lawsuit. However, Alabama construction mediation is available to parties involved in construction disputes who are seeking a better way to resolve their claims outside of the court room. Alabama construction mediation has proven to be very effective in resolving construction disputes in a... Read More

How to Find the Right Person for the Job for Alabama Construction Mediation

Are you worried about the expense related to litigating your construction claim? Do you want an alternative way to peacefully resolve a disagreement without your contract going under? Alabama construction mediation may be for you. This alternative dispute resolution option allows you and the other party to meet with a neutral third party in order to come up with a sensible solution to resolve your problem. However, the first hurdle is hiring the right person to conduct Alabama construction mediation. Here are some key attributes that you should look for. Knowledge The ideal mediator for a construction claim is someone... Read More

Three Reasons to Consider Alabama Construction Mediation

Parties to a contract who would rather proceed with a business relationship than end up in a courtroom may consider Alabama construction mediation. This process involves a third-party neutral, called the mediator, who helps the parties work toward reaching a compromise. There are several key benefits that make Alabama construction mediation worth considering. Reduction of Expenses Any legal professional can tell you that litigation is expensive. Even if a party wins a case, it may spend a large sum in paying for lawyers, experts and other litigation expenses. By canceling the contract, the party may wind up spending more than... Read More
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