How to Find the Right Person for the Job for Alabama Construction Mediation

Are you worried about the expense related to litigating your construction claim? Do you want an alternative way to peacefully resolve a disagreement without your contract going under? Alabama construction mediation may be for you. This alternative dispute resolution option allows you and the other party to meet with a neutral third party in order to come up with a sensible solution to resolve your problem. However, the first hurdle is hiring the right person to conduct Alabama construction mediation. Here are some key attributes that you should look for.


The ideal mediator for a construction claim is someone who has worked in the construction industry. Mediation is a much different animal than litigation. Therefore, it is not necessary to have a lawyer mediate such claims. However, the right person should have a thorough understanding of construction, the potential issues that often arise within these types of projects and the way that differences are usually handled in this context. Being aware of this information can help the mediator anticipate potential problems and provide ideas on successful resolutions.

Track Record

A mediator should have a proven track record of success. Ask potential mediators about the types of disputes that they have handled and how many construction-related claims they helped to resolve through mediation. Knowing this information before you retain a mediator can help ensure that you have a mediator with the proper background and success rate.