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The Role of an Expert Witness in Large Construction Trials in Alabama

The existence of the expert witness is one which is created and perpetuated by the legal system. Accordingly, the Alabama Rules of Evidence are constructed to govern the qualifications and testimony of an expert witness in large construction trials in Alabama. This ensures that any testimonies given to help the court and/or jury understand evidence, or to support a fact in issue secures fairness by eliminating any unjustifiable expenses and delays in court proceedings. Four Functions of an Expert Witness In cases concerning litigation, an expert witness in large construction trials in Alabama or elsewhere performs four primary functions. Underpinning... Read More

Guide to Selecting an Expert Witness in Construction in Montgomery, Alabama

Construction projects are complex and expensive. Even small-scale residential projects are usually large investments for the entities involved, from contractors to developers to eventual buyers. People have an expectation that “new construction” is a term that means something and carries with it a guarantee of a certain period of maintenance-free and like-new enjoyment of the structure. When they suspect that poor materials or sub-standard work has resulted in damage to the property or the inability to enjoy the property, litigation is almost always how they choose to pursue relief – and in that case both sides will want to hire... Read More