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Structural Steel Expert Explains the Benefits of Steel

A structural steel expert who has spent his career around steel can explain why steel is often the building material of choice.  There are many benefits to using steel.  Some of the ones most often cited by a structural steel expert include: Steel Has a Proven Track Record  Steel has been used in the United States since the 19th century.  Now, steel represents about half of the market share for no-residential and multi-story residential properties. Steel Is Fire and Wind Resistant  If a fire happens to start in a steel building, it will spread much more slowly than if the... Read More

When a Construction Dispute Requires a Structural Steel Expert

Structural steel framing is frequently used in the construction industry to build a wide variety of structures because of its immense strength and flexibility. However, structural building failures often give rise to claims of defectively designed or installed structural steel. In the event of a construction defect lawsuit, a structural steel expert is often required to determine if faulty welds or poorly fabricated steel may have been the cause of the failure. Those involved in a construction defect dispute should consult with a structural steel expert to get an estimate of the damages before litigation or settlement negotiations begin. When... Read More

Do You Need a Structural Steel Expert?

Disputes related to construction defects are some of the most commonly litigated issues in the construction industry, often involving complex legal, technical, and engineering issues. For this reason a competent and experienced structural steel expert can be an invaluable resource to construction contractors and building owners alike. If you are a contractor faced with a claim alleging that you are responsible for a construction defect, or a building owner alleging that a contractor is liable for a construction defect, it is essential that you find a structural steel expert who has the knowledge and expertise to assist you in your... Read More

Why You Should Hire a Structural Steel Expert

Construction defect lawsuits are often brought against building owners, buyers, subcontractors, or general contractors. Construction defect disputes encompass a wide range of issues. However, given the extensive use of steel reinforced concrete in the building of a wide range of structures, a structural steel expert will have the technical and practical expertise to make a failure assessment of concrete structures built with reinforced steel. If your construction dispute involves a structure built with steel reinforced concrete, you should retain the services of a structural steel expert to assist you in your case. Structural steel failure can be a tricky situation... Read More

What to Look For in a Construction Claims Expert

If your construction company is involved in a construction defect dispute related to structural steel, your business is on the line. Under such serious circumstances, you should definitely seek the assistance of an experienced structural steel construction claims expert. Serious construction disputes require professional advice as soon as possible in the claims process so that you have the information you need to devise the best plan in order to get the best result. Input and support from a competent construction claims expert will increase the likelihood of your claim being settled more quickly and equitably. Construction disputes often involve multiple... Read More
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