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Witness Testimony: Secrets to Selecting a Structural Steel Expert in Mobile AL

In the wake of catastrophic weather events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes or after incidents involving fires or explosions, the structural integrity of damaged buildings can be called into question. Without much evidence to refute such claims, a court of law may find it difficult to rule in favour of the defendant and such cases would benefit greatly from the knowledge and experience of a structural steel expert in Mobile AL or elsewhere. What Effect Can an Expert Witness Have in Legal Proceedings? A testimony given by a structural steel expert in Mobile AL will undoubtedly be considered... Read More

Assessing Damages in Structural Steel Lawsuits: Call the Expert

Construction problems can be noticed while work is ongoing in a property, or can take several years to manifest. In the case of Structural Steel, this can even stretch into decades, as improperly formed, welded, or installed structural steel may hold up for some time before failure begins. These delays necessitate the involvement of a structural steel expert in Montgomery AL when a complex construction project begins to show signs of failure. Not only will such an expert be able to trace the causes of failure and determine if it is, in fact, the structural steel at the root of... Read More

What Can A Structural Steel Expert Do For My Construction Dispute Case?

Worried about the outcome of your construction dispute in Mobile, Alabama? Looking into the use of expert witnesses can be an important decision that will instill confidence in your case and ensure that possible avenues are being explored in your case. When the dispute at hand involves structural steel and important technical and industry-related questions surrounding it, it can be beneficial for your case to retain a structural steel expert in Mobile, Alabama. A structural steel expert can provide critical insight and knowledge for the court regarding problems associated with a particular construction project. In court, a structural steel expert... Read More
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