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Three Key Questions to Ask Your Structural Steel Expert

A structural steel expert is invaluable in many situations, given the popularity of utilizing steel as a building material in numerous projects. A structural steel expert has background knowledge of general contracts, remodeling, construction delays, steel fabrication, estimating and other related matters. Due to the important role that he or she plays, it is important that you be able to ask these three key questions to your steel expert. How Can You Help Me? Not every steel expert provides the same services. When you are looking for a steel expert to help in your case, be certain that you ask... Read More

Vetting a Structural Steel Expert

A structural steel expert can assist with your construction projects at any point in the process. He or she can review contracts regarding the type of steel and process involved in fabrication and erection. If a problem arises, he or she can assess the issue and make suggestions to solve the problem. If the case is brought to alternative dispute resolution, the structural steel expert can explain the problems and the cause of the problems related to steel. He or she may provide testimony during a court hearing. Due to the importance of the steel expert for your case, it... Read More

Legal Claims a Structural Steel Expert Provides an Opinion On

When a structural steel expert is called in, it usually means that some disaster has occurred. People may have lost their lives due to an architectural defect, or a business may have lost millions of dollars due to a collapsed building believed to be effected by improper steel erection. A structural steel expert can provide an expert opinion on a number of legal claims. This opinion may be given strictly to inform the attorney, during a mediation session to strengthen a case or at trial when determining the cause of a collapse. Poor Design Such an expert may evaluate the... Read More

When to Hire a Structural Steel Expert

A structural steel expert can help provide invaluable insight regarding the erection and design of buildings that use steel reinforcement. While the services of a structural steel expert can be retained at nearly any time, there are certain times that may trigger the immediate need of these services. Beginning of a Project The best time to hire a steel expert is at the beginning of the project. Before a project is even designed, a steel expert can help provide critical information regarding the erection and potential design. Once the steel company commences its work, the steel expert can provide timely... Read More

Hiring a Structural Steel Expert to Provide Inefficiency Testimony

Determining the amount of lost profits and productivity is one of the most difficult parts of calculating damages in a construction litigation case. These damages cover the money a company lost due to the inefficiency of the construction process—perhaps available time was not used properly, or perhaps the entire construction process should have been planned differently. For such complex calculations, a structural steel expert will be helpful. Structural steel experts often provide inefficiency testimony that is used by a judge or jury to calculate appropriate damages. Without a structural steel expert, it may be difficult to calculate lost profits and... Read More
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