Legal Claims a Structural Steel Expert Provides an Opinion On

When a structural steel expert is called in, it usually means that some disaster has occurred. People may have lost their lives due to an architectural defect, or a business may have lost millions of dollars due to a collapsed building believed to be effected by improper steel erection. A structural steel expert can provide an expert opinion on a number of legal claims. This opinion may be given strictly to inform the attorney, during a mediation session to strengthen a case or at trial when determining the cause of a collapse.

Poor Design

Such an expert may evaluate the original design of the structural steel, as well as any modifications that were made along the way. He or she can review the architectural plans and other documents that showcase the design. The expert can then inform the court or the attorney about how decisions made regarding the construction and erection of the steel affected the structural integrity of the building at issue. Having a structural steel expert on your time can allow you to tap into this important resource. He or she may testify in front of the court in order to clarify any issues that are involved in a complex construction case.

Contract Disputes

As a person with a background in structural steel, a steel expert can analyze the contract to determine if fair provisions are included in it. Sometimes after a contract is initially drafted, there may be changes that occur along the way. The owner of the property may expand the contractor’s scope of work, the contractor may insist upon overtime for workers or the contractor may not be as efficient as the original contract called for. A steel expert can review such contracts and revisions to determine if they were made in good faith or if they were potentially used to take advantage of the other party.