Should I Contact a Steel Fabrication Expert?

A steel fabrication expert can provide industry-specific information that can help enlighten an attorney regarding the legal issues involved in a case or provide strength to a client’s theory of the case. There are several instances when you should seriously consider hiring a steel fabrication expert with your case.

Steel structural experts are familiar with the ins and outs of the steel industry and know this field better than anyone else. They can review contracts regarding the fabrication and erection of steel to determine if important provisions or specifications were left out. They can also review problems that may arise due to a lack of communication between the parties. For example, delays may occur when claims regarding slow Requests for Information go unanswered. Additionally, productivity may be impacted when less efficient methods are utilized on the project.

A steel fabrication expert has industry-specific knowledge regarding the estimating, scheduling, fabricating and erecting of structural steel. This allows such experts to be able to provide expert opinions in court regarding these types of issues. Such experts can discuss whether material costs are in line or whether a party was being intentionally inefficient. Additionally, a steel fabrication expert can offer a counter-argument against the adverse party’s expert witness. Additionally, such experts are familiar with OSHA and AISC requirements and can provide testimony regarding the violation or compliance of such requirements.

In addition to helping provide a basis for liability by clearly linking the fabrication to the cause of the underlying accident or legal issue, fabrication experts can also discuss damages. They can compare the original bid with the overages that could have been avoided had proper and efficient techniques been utilized. They can also offer opinions regarding lost profits that arose due to problems in the contract or the fabrication of steel.