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Construction Mediation as Means of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Alabama

As most construction sites are complex in nature and can involve a great many contracted individuals and teams of experienced professionals, the potential for dispute can be quite high. Each day, developments in almost every major city across the U.S. are being carried out and in instances where disputes concerning build projects have arisen, construction mediation may be sought as an alternative to going to court. Six Stages of Construction Mediation in Alabama Cases that require mediation are generally grouped into residential or commercial construction cases, and institutional or specialized industrial construction cases. Regardless of which category the dispute falls... Read More

Effective Planning and Construction Claims Preparation in Alabama

As construction projects increase in their scale and complexity there is every opportunity for misunderstandings to arise, especially where there terms and conditions of contracts are not fully observed. Understanding and Enforcing Alabama’s Lien Laws This can, and often does, lead to situations in which parties come into dispute. In instances where a disagreement with regards to defaults in payment of services, labor or materials occurs, a construction lien on the property may be brought. Alabama’s lien statue expresses strict interpreted provisions that must be adhered to before a claim can be filed and proper construction claims preparation in Alabama... Read More

Analysis of Construction Claims and Damages in Birmingham, AL

In construction, hazards to contracted workers can present themselves in a variety of forms. Everything from heavy machinery, human error, chemicals and electrical equipment can create an unsafe working environment. When sites are improperly maintained or where safety measures are not properly observed or implemented, the results of a lawsuit involving construction claims and damages in Birmingham, AL usually come at a cost to the detriment of the project. Workers Compensation Claims and Construction Injuries Under Alabama law, workers seeking to file a lawsuit against their employer are not permitted to collect non-economic or punitive damages in regards to physical... Read More

The Role of an Expert Witness in Large Construction Trials in Alabama

The existence of the expert witness is one which is created and perpetuated by the legal system. Accordingly, the Alabama Rules of Evidence are constructed to govern the qualifications and testimony of an expert witness in large construction trials in Alabama. This ensures that any testimonies given to help the court and/or jury understand evidence, or to support a fact in issue secures fairness by eliminating any unjustifiable expenses and delays in court proceedings. Four Functions of an Expert Witness In cases concerning litigation, an expert witness in large construction trials in Alabama or elsewhere performs four primary functions. Underpinning... Read More