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Legal Claims a Structural Steel Expert Provides an Opinion On

When a structural steel expert is called in, it usually means that some disaster has occurred. People may have lost their lives due to an architectural defect, or a business may have lost millions of dollars due to a collapsed building believed to be effected by improper steel erection. A structural steel expert can provide an expert opinion on a number of legal claims. This opinion may be given strictly to inform the attorney, during a mediation session to strengthen a case or at trial when determining the cause of a collapse. Poor Design Such an expert may evaluate the... Read More

Should I Contact a Steel Fabrication Expert?

A steel fabrication expert can provide industry-specific information that can help enlighten an attorney regarding the legal issues involved in a case or provide strength to a client’s theory of the case. There are several instances when you should seriously consider hiring a steel fabrication expert with your case. Steel structural experts are familiar with the ins and outs of the steel industry and know this field better than anyone else. They can review contracts regarding the fabrication and erection of steel to determine if important provisions or specifications were left out. They can also review problems that may arise... Read More

Why You Cannot Afford Not to Use Interim Short Term Management Services

Typically when interim short term management services are need, something has gone wrong with the business. A founding member may have suddenly died, a key executive may have moved on to greener pastures or corporate espionage has taken a hold of the business. Unlike regular managers, individuals who provide interim short term management services have encountered similar crises in the past and know how to get through such difficult times. Interim management can immediately go into crisis mode and concentrate on helping the business survive during difficult times. Interim managers can work on financing strategies between the business and financial... Read More

Construction Claims Analysis: Establishing Cause and Effect

A construction claims analysis is an independent assessment of a legal claim and whether it has merit. While a party may be able to easily identify why a problem arose with a construction contract, this information may not be as evident to an objective individual such as a juror. In order for a party to prevail on a construction claim, they must be able to show the cause and effect, or in legalese, causation. A thorough construction claims analysis can evaluate whether the cause and effect can be clearly established in the given case. A construction expert assists clients with... Read More

Three Steps to Construction Claim Preparation

When there is the possibility of litigation, construction claim preparation is key. Construction claims can be complex and deal with a number of parties. However, proper construction claim preparation can help parties strengthen their case. An expert can help advise on these topics, but he or she will usually offer the following tips: Prepare a Contract for Litigation Even if you and the other party understand the terms or work outside the terms of the contract on a regular basis, if the contract is disputed you need to be able to rely on the contract to support your case. Draft... Read More
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