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A Structural Steel Expert Can Help Recover Lost Profits in Construction Litigation

A successful construction litigation case requires building strong arguments. The arguments a party presents in a construction litigation case must be supported by scientific evidence. Without proper evidentiary support, the party risks losing the case, and, likely, thousands of dollars in damages and legal fees. One of the most crippling types of damages parties in a construction case suffer is lost profits that stem from their claims. Expert witnesses, such as structural steel experts, may help these parties calculate their lost profits and present these arguments to a court. Structural steel experts are valuable in a variety of construction litigation... Read More

Building Damages with a Structural Steel Expert: Stacking of Trade-Associated Costs

The proper construction of a building is impacted by dozens of factors. One such factor is known as the stacking of trades. In any construction project, workers from several different industries work simultaneously to complete the work as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, when there are too many workers in the same area, productivity actually decreases. Each worker needs a set amount of space in which to perform a job. When this space is not provided, the worker cannot complete the job in a timely manner, and this slows productivity. Structural steel experts may be hired to help estimate... Read More

Selecting a Steel Fabrication Expert for Your Case

Steel fabrication refers to the manipulation of steel to create a structure. For example, to create a steel frame for a building, workers will have to cut, bend and bond steel beams together. Unfortunately, in many construction projects, steel fabrication is completed incorrectly. Such mistakes may weaken the structural integrity of a building, delay its completion, or cause other major problems within the structure itself. Steel fabrication experts are consulted to determine what went wrong in this process. Steel fabrication experts are knowledgeable in the steel industry, and will explain whether the methods used in the process were dangerous, outdated... Read More

How Construction Claims Experts Assist with Scope Complexity Issues

When a property owner hires a contractor to complete a construction job, that individual typically has a specific budget in mind. The contractor will create detailed plans to keep costs within that budget, depending on the scope complexity of the desired structure. However, sometimes the scope complexity of a construction project is mistakenly estimated, and the prospective property owner ends up with unanticipated expenses. Construction claims experts may be hired to determine whether the scope and complexity of the plans were compatible with the owner’s requests. Construction claims experts often study blueprints, contracts, subcontractor bids, and other relevant documents to... Read More

Hiring a Construction Claims Consultant to Analyze Contract Documents

A contract is the center of any agreement, no matter what industry the deal arises in. In construction deals, the contract is executed between the contractor and the property owner. A construction contract includes terms covering financing, payments, liability concerns, insurance issues, and a variety of other topics that the parties may wish to add. Should a conflict emerge during the construction, the contract must be reviewed to determine how it dictates such a conflict will be resolved. In many cases, construction claims consultant may be contacted to review the contract. Construction claims consultants analyze the terms of construction contracts... Read More
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