Building Damages with a Structural Steel Expert: Stacking of Trade-Associated Costs

The proper construction of a building is impacted by dozens of factors. One such factor is known as the stacking of trades. In any construction project, workers from several different industries work simultaneously to complete the work as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, when there are too many workers in the same area, productivity actually decreases. Each worker needs a set amount of space in which to perform a job. When this space is not provided, the worker cannot complete the job in a timely manner, and this slows productivity. Structural steel experts may be hired to help estimate the costs of stacking. Structural steel experts provide insight into how the workspace should be organized.

Stacking may invalidate a bid that a contractor made on a construction job. For example, perhaps a steel company entered a bid on the construction of a new hospital. However, because of a stacking issue, the steel company was not able to complete its work as predicted, and its labor costs increased, causing conflict with the contractor.

A structural steel expert should then be consulted to analyze the work environment. For example, were the steel workers unable to access the job site for a period of time due to other work that was being completed? Did the steel workers have to share a tight workspace with other subcontractors, which hindered their ability to work efficiently? After obtaining this information, the structural steel expert will help estimate the amounts of the costs associated with trade stacking.

The value of the stacking of trade-associated costs is essential in a damages calculation in a construction case. These numbers provide concrete evidence of the costs incurred due to inefficient working conditions. In a dispute over the costs of a construction job, these numbers will be carefully considered.