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Deciding on Whether to Hire a Consulting or Testifying Steel Fabrication Expert

If you are confronting litigation involving steel, you may be considering hiring a steel fabrication expert.  However, there are generally two types of experts: consulting experts and testifying experts.  Consider the role that you want your steel fabrication expert to play before making this important decision. Consulting Experts  The primary function of a consulting expert is to research and support your litigation team.  A consulting expert should be a specialist and someone with particular industry knowledge.  A consulting expert may advise your litigation team during the process and raise points before and during trial.  He or she researches and analyzes... Read More

Construction Defect Claims Requiring a Steel Fabrication Expert

Steel fabrication involves cutting, bending, and shaping steel alloy, a process common in the construction industry. The misapplication of the steel fabrication process can cause defects and residual stress that ultimately affects the performance of the steel, making it more susceptible to failure. When structural steel failure occurs, a steel fabrication expert can conduct an inspection to determine if faulty steel fabrication was the cause. Anyone involved in a construction dispute alleging structural steel failure should immediately seek out the services of a steel fabrication expert to determine the underlying cause as well as make an assessment on damages. Unlike... Read More

Should I Contact a Steel Fabrication Expert?

A steel fabrication expert can provide industry-specific information that can help enlighten an attorney regarding the legal issues involved in a case or provide strength to a client’s theory of the case. There are several instances when you should seriously consider hiring a steel fabrication expert with your case. Steel structural experts are familiar with the ins and outs of the steel industry and know this field better than anyone else. They can review contracts regarding the fabrication and erection of steel to determine if important provisions or specifications were left out. They can also review problems that may arise... Read More

When a Steel Fabrication Expert May Recommend Mediation

A steel fabrication expert is commonly called upon when something has gone wrong in a project. For example, there may be a great disparity between the initial bid estimate and the payments being requested or when more work is being demanded due to changes in the design than was originally contemplated and bargained for. A steel fabrication expert realizes that these issues may create tension between parties. However, he or she also knows the expense and time related to pursuing litigation over these types of issues. Therefore, a steel expert may recommend the parties pursue mediation to resolve their differences... Read More

How Are Steel Fabrication Experts Qualified in Court?

Most people have heard of expert witness testimony, but many are unsure as to how such individuals are qualified as “experts” in a court case. Steel fabrication experts must meet certain criteria before they may testify in the courtroom. Although laws vary from state to state, most follow the guidelines set up by federal law. These guidelines ensure that the steel fabrication experts are knowledgeable and will provide useful information to the court so that a judge or jury may make a decision based upon the facts of the case. Expert witnesses must be knowledgeable in the subject matter they... Read More
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