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Deciding on Whether to Hire a Consulting or Testifying Steel Fabrication Expert

If you are confronting litigation involving steel, you may be considering hiring a steel fabrication expert.  However, there are generally two types of experts: consulting experts and testifying experts.  Consider the role that you want your steel fabrication expert to play before making this important decision. Consulting Experts  The primary function of a consulting expert is to research and support your litigation team.  A consulting expert should be a specialist and someone with particular industry knowledge.  A consulting expert may advise your litigation team during the process and raise points before and during trial.  He or she researches and analyzes... Read More

Construction Defect Claims Requiring a Steel Fabrication Expert

Steel fabrication involves cutting, bending, and shaping steel alloy, a process common in the construction industry. The misapplication of the steel fabrication process can cause defects and residual stress that ultimately affects the performance of the steel, making it more susceptible to failure. When structural steel failure occurs, a steel fabrication expert can conduct an inspection to determine if faulty steel fabrication was the cause. Anyone involved in a construction dispute alleging structural steel failure should immediately seek out the services of a steel fabrication expert to determine the underlying cause as well as make an assessment on damages. Unlike... Read More