Construction Defect Claims Requiring a Steel Fabrication Expert

Steel fabrication involves cutting, bending, and shaping steel alloy, a process common in the construction industry. The misapplication of the steel fabrication process can cause defects and residual stress that ultimately affects the performance of the steel, making it more susceptible to failure. When structural steel failure occurs, a steel fabrication expert can conduct an inspection to determine if faulty steel fabrication was the cause. Anyone involved in a construction dispute alleging structural steel failure should immediately seek out the services of a steel fabrication expert to determine the underlying cause as well as make an assessment on damages.

Unlike other types of welding which repairs or strengthens steel, the steel fabrication process attaches various steel items together in a predefined shape and size. If steel fabrication is performed improperly, some of the defects that are sometimes produced include holes, cracks, segregation, inclusions, surface marks, notches and undesirable changes within the material. Certain types of fabrication processes such as welding, flame cutting and punching intensify these risks, especially if the steel is thick. Steel can quickly fracture at low temperatures and crack during welding, in fatigue or as a result of stress corrosion.

The term “construction defect” refers to the premature failure of a component or a condition caused by incorrect or substandard engineering, design, manufacture, installation and/or application. Certain structural failures, such as failure of a structural steel connection due to defective steel fabrication, could result in catastrophic consequences demanding immediate attention. Litigation of structural steel failure hinges on the existence of a defect in construction, which will definitely require the assistance of a steel fabrication expert. If you are involved in a construction defect case and suspect that the failure was caused by structural steel, you should contact an experienced steel fabrication expert right away to schedule an inspection.