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Significant Hurdles to Large Construction Project Management in Alabama

When it comes to large construction project management in Alabama owners must realize that there is no single or best approach to organizing the project’s life cycle. In general, the most significant factors that affect the outcome of any large construction project often occur during the early stages of development. Managers are tasked with making competent economic evaluations with consideration given to adequate financing and any regulations in place to protect the environment, and must have some familiarity with such aspects. The biggest stumbling block to large construction project management in Alabama is a differing opinion amongst planners, contractors and... Read More

Analysis of Construction Claims and Damages in Birmingham AL

It seems that more and more construction projects and real estate deals in today’s current economic climate are falling into financial traps. When parties fail to understand the terms and conditions stated in their contracts before signing, disputes involving construction claims and damages in Birmingham AL can arise and may end up in court. Construction Liens Law in the State of Alabama Alabama law states that any party performing work or services to any structure or building is entitled to assert their legal rights and claim a lien against the improved property, but in doing so are legally compelled to... Read More

Categorizing Claims Involving Construction Arbitration in Montgomery AL

As most construction workers will know, most construction sites are complex by design and at the current rate of change many cities throughout the U.S. are currently experienced periods of rapid growth and redevelopment. Yet few people realize how much risk a construction worker assumes simply by fronting up to work. Each and every day cases involving construction arbitration in Montgomery AL and elsewhere are filed with their respective judiciary systems. Three Major Groupings of Construction Claims Cases involving construction arbitration in Montgomery AL include build projects that can be categorized in accordance with the following: Residential construction: typically includes... Read More

Witness Testimony: Secrets to Selecting a Structural Steel Expert in Mobile AL

In the wake of catastrophic weather events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes or after incidents involving fires or explosions, the structural integrity of damaged buildings can be called into question. Without much evidence to refute such claims, a court of law may find it difficult to rule in favour of the defendant and such cases would benefit greatly from the knowledge and experience of a structural steel expert in Mobile AL or elsewhere. What Effect Can an Expert Witness Have in Legal Proceedings? A testimony given by a structural steel expert in Mobile AL will undoubtedly be considered... Read More