Witness Testimony: Secrets to Selecting a Structural Steel Expert in Mobile AL

In the wake of catastrophic weather events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes or after incidents involving fires or explosions, the structural integrity of damaged buildings can be called into question.

Without much evidence to refute such claims, a court of law may find it difficult to rule in favour of the defendant and such cases would benefit greatly from the knowledge and experience of a structural steel expert in Mobile AL or elsewhere.

What Effect Can an Expert Witness Have in Legal Proceedings?

A testimony given by a structural steel expert in Mobile AL will undoubtedly be considered in due process by either the judge or jury and can exhibit enormous influence in cases where physical evidence may be lacking.

Experts will be able to identify a myriad of elements in regards to:

  • Assess any contributory structural connection failures and provide a structural analysis of the building and its components relating to displacement and stress factors.
  • Evaluate the types of materials used in the building’s construction such as reinforced concrete, light-gauge steel and timber or wooden supports, etc.
  • Determine what forces (both natural and man-made) were at play and in what way they acted on the structure for the purposes of reconstructing event timelines.
  • Analyze the design loads for new and existing structures including the review of past building codes where applicable.

What to Look for in a Structural Steel Expert in Mobile AL

Select a witness with the motivation to personally inspect the site and who is able to speak to the quality of the structure in question. Experience will play a key role in positioning the expert as an authority whilst affording them the license to comment on such matters.