Construction Delays Often More Complex than at First Sight

One of the major frustrations investors and property owners experience when developing a project are delays. While delays that impact the costs and schedule of a construction project are to be expected and as much as possible anticipated, when those delays erode the profitability or the deliverability of a project, it’s not uncommon for a delay/inefficiency analysis expert in Alabama to be brought in to help assess the causes and solutions of delays.

As any delay/inefficiency analysis expert in Alabama will tell you, however, this is often not as clear cut as it initially appears, with several causes of delays often intertwined in complicated and difficult-to-trace ways.

Common Delays

There are several basic causes of delays in construction projects:

  • Incomplete information: Documents that are missing information, a lack of a phased plan, or conflicting data that spurs design revisions mid-project.
  • Contractor labor problems, including insufficient workforce, subcontractor disputes, cash flow problems, and poor planning.
  • Labor problems outside contractor’s control, such as work stoppages, supply line problems, subcontractor failure, or extreme weather events.
  • Investor/Owner problems, including changing scope and design that impacts the schedule, internal politics, or their own cash flow problems.
  • Simple personality conflicts among the team.

The Mix

Any delay/inefficiency analysis expert in Alabama hired to analyze a construction project knows that the most likely result of their analysis is that several of these factors have combined to cause the delays. Tracing the connections between each possible reason is a matter of expertise and experience, and the simple knowledge that very few construction delays are caused by a single factor. Most are the result of multiple threads bound together.