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When a Construction Dispute Requires a Structural Steel Expert

Structural steel framing is frequently used in the construction industry to build a wide variety of structures because of its immense strength and flexibility. However, structural building failures often give rise to claims of defectively designed or installed structural steel. In the event of a construction defect lawsuit, a structural steel expert is often required to determine if faulty welds or poorly fabricated steel may have been the cause of the failure. Those involved in a construction defect dispute should consult with a structural steel expert to get an estimate of the damages before litigation or settlement negotiations begin. When... Read More

Construction Defect Claims Requiring a Steel Fabrication Expert

Steel fabrication involves cutting, bending, and shaping steel alloy, a process common in the construction industry. The misapplication of the steel fabrication process can cause defects and residual stress that ultimately affects the performance of the steel, making it more susceptible to failure. When structural steel failure occurs, a steel fabrication expert can conduct an inspection to determine if faulty steel fabrication was the cause. Anyone involved in a construction dispute alleging structural steel failure should immediately seek out the services of a steel fabrication expert to determine the underlying cause as well as make an assessment on damages. Unlike... Read More

How Interim Short Term Management Services Can Benefit Your Business

In the event of a major crisis or unpredictable event that threatens to harm an organization, interim short term management services offer both small businesses and large corporations alike an opportunity to benefit from the assistance of highly experienced people on a temporary basis in a cost-effective manner. Whether an organization lacks the personnel, skills, capacity or time to effectively conduct business as usual or manage important projects, interim short term management services can help businesses that are dealing with an unexpected situation or are in need of a change in direction. When businesses go through a period change due... Read More

Construction Claims Analysis for Construction Disputes

Claims in the construction industry are commonplace and practically impossible to entirely avoid. It is important to resolve construction claims quickly and efficiently once they arise in order to avoid a costly and protracted lawsuit. Construction claims tend to be quite complex, technical, and fact intensive, requiring the need for a thorough construction claims analysis. If you are involved in a construction dispute, hiring a construction claims analysis expert will be invaluable in your efforts to reach an equitable resolution. When a construction claims occurs, how the claim is documented and presented can often mean the difference between whether there... Read More

Construction Claim Preparation Expert Assistance

Unfortunately, most companies in the construction industry will at some point become embroiled in a construction dispute. While some of these claims may get settled out of court through mediation or arbitration, others will inevitably result in litigation. Effective construction claim preparation can often make the difference in how quickly and easily a claim is resolved. Expert assistance in construction claim preparation is available to parties to a construction claim who wish to avoid an expensive and time-consuming lawsuit. In the event of a construction dispute, some construction contracts mandate a formal claim to be submitted in accordance with specific... Read More
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