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The Advantages of Alabama Construction Mediation

Alabama construction disputes have become so common, that most construction contracts now contain clauses requiring some form of alternative dispute resolution in an attempt to avoid lengthy and expensive litigation. While the most common form of alternative dispute resolution for construction disputes is arbitration, contrary to popular belief, it is not always less costly than a traditional lawsuit. However, Alabama construction mediation is available to parties involved in construction disputes who are seeking a better way to resolve their claims outside of the court room. Alabama construction mediation has proven to be very effective in resolving construction disputes in a... Read More

What Does a Construction Claims Expert Do?

Disputes in the construction industry are notoriously complex. Without the assistance of a construction claims expert, parties to a construction dispute are at a great disadvantage in any pre-litigation settlement negotiations or subsequent lawsuit. Consequently, it is advisable to retain the services of an experienced construction claims expert as soon as possible after a construction dispute arises in order to get an accurate claims analysis and properly prepared claim document to assist you in achieving a positive outcome. A construction claims expert has the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience to perform a sound construction project analysis in order to determine... Read More

The Nuances of Business Coaching in Birmingham AL

While there a number of variations of the term coaching, business coaching in Birmingham AL involves the sum of all the coaching skills: providing positive support, performance feedback, and career advice to individuals and groups with the goal of improving personal effectiveness in a business environment. Business coaching in Birmingham AL is available as a valuable resource for business professionals who care about their development and wish to challenge themselves to grow and perform at their highest level. Business coaching is sometimes referred to as executive coaching, corporate coaching, leadership coaching, mentoring and consulting, though there are some subtle distinctions.... Read More
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