The Nuances of Business Coaching in Birmingham AL

While there a number of variations of the term coaching, business coaching in Birmingham AL involves the sum of all the coaching skills: providing positive support, performance feedback, and career advice to individuals and groups with the goal of improving personal effectiveness in a business environment. Business coaching in Birmingham AL is available as a valuable resource for business professionals who care about their development and wish to challenge themselves to grow and perform at their highest level.

Business coaching is sometimes referred to as executive coaching, corporate coaching, leadership coaching, mentoring and consulting, though there are some subtle distinctions. Executive coaching involves business coaching for senior executives and managers, and corporate coaching simply refers to business coaching specific to a corporate environment. Business coaching fosters leadership skills, but differs from mentoring in that it focuses on specific tasks or objectives, as opposed to general goals or overall development. While some business coaches may refer to themselves as consultants, consulting usually encompasses a broader business relationship than one which exclusively involves coaching.

Business coaching is training or professional development employing the services of a business coach who supports individuals in their efforts to achieve specific personal or professional goals, which may include:

• career transition and management
• performance management
• professional communication skills
• organizational effectiveness
• developing executive presence
• enhancing strategic thinking
• developing conflict resolution skills
• learning effective team building skills

Business coaching can help you create a suitable action plan for changing your current professional situation for the better by assisting you in your development of specific skills in areas where you aspire to improve.