Do You Need a Structural Steel Expert?

Disputes related to construction defects are some of the most commonly litigated issues in the construction industry, often involving complex legal, technical, and engineering issues. For this reason a competent and experienced structural steel expert can be an invaluable resource to construction contractors and building owners alike. If you are a contractor faced with a claim alleging that you are responsible for a construction defect, or a building owner alleging that a contractor is liable for a construction defect, it is essential that you find a structural steel expert who has the knowledge and expertise to assist you in your case.

Structural steel is a common material used to reinforce concrete when constructing a wide variety of commercial buildings and other types of structures. For quite a while now, steel reinforcement in the form of bars or mesh, often referred to as re-bar, has been utilized as a reinforcement for concrete designed to experience some form of loading such as carrying traffic, spanning a void or bearing another structure such as a wall. Steel mesh has also been used as a rather ineffective method of crack control.

In the case of structural steel construction defects, it could possibly take decades before an occurrence of any structural failure resulting from improperly formed, welded, or installed structural steel. In circumstances where a complex construction project begins to indicate signs of structural failure, the delays related to a possible structural steel defect almost certainly requires the expertise of a structural steel expert. A structural steel expert can determine whether or not structural steel was the actual cause of failure, as well as asses the value of the damages.

In the unfortunate event a construction claim does occur, if you want to be successful in a construction defect case, you will need a well-seasoned structural steel expert with years of practical experience in the construction industry.