Why You Should Hire a Structural Steel Expert

Construction defect lawsuits are often brought against building owners, buyers, subcontractors, or general contractors. Construction defect disputes encompass a wide range of issues. However, given the extensive use of steel reinforced concrete in the building of a wide range of structures, a structural steel expert will have the technical and practical expertise to make a failure assessment of concrete structures built with reinforced steel. If your construction dispute involves a structure built with steel reinforced concrete, you should retain the services of a structural steel expert to assist you in your case.

Structural steel failure can be a tricky situation to analyze. Structural steel problems are more detectable during the active construction phase of a project, making it fairly simple to determine the point of failure and assess damages more accurately. However, once a construction project is enclosed and/or completed, it can be much more challenging to observe the first indications of structural steel failure. Damages can be quite difficult to determine once the structural steel failure has advanced to the point of being noticeable, since it is most often the case that the project is either complete or in use.

It is in these types of scenarios that an expert in structural steel is necessary, since it will take expert knowledge of construction techniques to identify where the structural failure originated and whether the failure was due to failed welds or poorly fabricated steel. At that point, the structural steel expert will also be able make an accurate calculation on damages. A structural steel expert can be hired as either a private consultant, or as an expert witness in the unfortunate event of litigation. If you are involved in a construction defect case involving steel reinforced concrete, contact a local structural steel expert to request a comprehensive construction investigation.