Use Construction Claim Preparation to Decide How to Proceed with Your Case

Given the many parties involved in a typical construction contract, it is easy to understand why construction claims are so common.  Whether you are considering pursuing a legal claim against the other party or you may be named as a defendant in such a claim, construction claim preparation can give you a better idea about where you stand.  The sooner you start with construction claim preparation, the sooner you will be able to make a decision regarding the path you should take to handle the claim.

Regardless of where the case goes, it is important that you conduct a thorough investigation into the claim.  An independent consultant can help you prepare the claim as if you are going to court.  He or she can gather and review all relevant documents, including the underlying contracts that govern the legal relationship between the parties.  Additionally, an independent consultant can advise you on other materials to gather that may serve as evidence in the case, including communications between you and the other party or witness statements concerning the accident or dispute.

Once your consultant has all of the relevant information, he or she can start to develop a theory as to how the dispute arose.  He or she can also point out any obvious weaknesses to your position of the case.  Having an independent analysis can help provide you with information on how to proceed with your case.  If your liability is clear, a quick settlement may be the best course of action.  If the other party clearly breached the contract, mediation may be your preferred option.