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Guide to Selecting an Expert Witness in Construction in Montgomery, Alabama

Construction projects are complex and expensive. Even small-scale residential projects are usually large investments for the entities involved, from contractors to developers to eventual buyers. People have an expectation that “new construction” is a term that means something and carries with it a guarantee of a certain period of maintenance-free and like-new enjoyment of the structure. When they suspect that poor materials or sub-standard work has resulted in damage to the property or the inability to enjoy the property, litigation is almost always how they choose to pursue relief – and in that case both sides will want to hire... Read More

Benefits of Outside Turnaround & Crisis Management in Mobile Alabama

It is surprisingly easy for formerly robust and stable companies to descend into a cycle of instability and crisis – all it takes is a sudden shift in the economy or market combined with leveraged funds and a cash flow problem and any company can find itself in a bad cycle of borrowing and panic decision-making. Denial plays a role in many companies’ eventual failure: Often the clear signs of a crisis were present long before any overt problems become obvious. Much like a family living on credit cards, there is a period where the problem is getting worse but... Read More

Key to Construction Claims Preparation in Alabama: Clear Cause and Effect

Construction projects are complicated. They involve large amounts of money, huge amounts of raw materials and resources, and many moving parts in the form of construction crews, management teams, inspectors, and stakeholders. That’s why most construction projects are very closely monitored and scrutinized. It also means that when a claim is contemplated in the construction field, the key to success is preparation. Claims preparation involves more than simple data acquisition and expert witness consultation, however; the true to key successful construction claims preparation in Alabama is demonstrating a clear and obvious cause and effect between construction decisions andthe damages suffered.... Read More