Guide to Selecting an Expert Witness in Construction in Montgomery, Alabama

Construction projects are complex and expensive. Even small-scale residential projects are usually large investments for the entities involved, from contractors to developers to eventual buyers. People have an expectation that “new construction” is a term that means something and carries with it a guarantee of a certain period of maintenance-free and like-new enjoyment of the structure. When they suspect that poor materials or sub-standard work has resulted in damage to the property or the inability to enjoy the property, litigation is almost always how they choose to pursue relief – and in that case both sides will want to hire an expert witness in construction in Montgomery, Alabama.

How to Choose an Expert Witness in Construction in Montgomery Alabama

Whether you are a defendant or a plaintiff in a construction lawsuit, there are some simple guidelines for selecting an expert witness in construction to assist your case in court:

  • Specifics of construction: Most expert witnesses specialize in specific types of construction – wood frame, steel fabrication, plumbing, electrical work. Never go with a “general” expert. Note the specific issues being dealt with and seek an expert who can address those issues.
  • Ability to inspect: Never hire a witness who insists on farming out inspections; to be credible, your witness must be able to speak from first hand observation of the structure.
  • Experience: Make certain the expert witness you choose has sufficient experience in the field to appear credible – but also ensure it is recent Construction codes and practices change, and your expert must be current.

Litigation often depends on the testimony of experts who appear credible and knowledgeable to a judge or jury. Your choice of witness is an important aspect of preparation.