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When to Hire a Structural Steel Expert

A structural steel expert can help provide invaluable insight regarding the erection and design of buildings that use steel reinforcement. While the services of a structural steel expert can be retained at nearly any time, there are certain times that may trigger the immediate need of these services. Beginning of a Project The best time to hire a steel expert is at the beginning of the project. Before a project is even designed, a steel expert can help provide critical information regarding the erection and potential design. Once the steel company commences its work, the steel expert can provide timely... Read More

When a Steel Fabrication Expert May Recommend Mediation

A steel fabrication expert is commonly called upon when something has gone wrong in a project. For example, there may be a great disparity between the initial bid estimate and the payments being requested or when more work is being demanded due to changes in the design than was originally contemplated and bargained for. A steel fabrication expert realizes that these issues may create tension between parties. However, he or she also knows the expense and time related to pursuing litigation over these types of issues. Therefore, a steel expert may recommend the parties pursue mediation to resolve their differences... Read More

When to Consider Interim Short Term Management Services

Interim short term management services can help fill in the gap when management is not available to properly supervise new or ongoing projects. This situation may arise for a number of reasons, providing a basis to consider interim short term management services. Background Interim management helps place individuals in key positions so that the business can continue operations in times of crisis or other times when management is otherwise unavailable. It takes the place of hiring methods that may take months to find a perfect fit. Interim managers can help fulfill this role because they usually have a strong and... Read More

What Does a Construction Claims Analysis Consist of?

An independent consultant is often brought onto the scene in order to conduct a construction claims analysis. He or she may provide insight and information for the party who is being sued or the party who is pursuing a case against the other side. A construction claims analysis helps inform the party that retained the services of the consultant about the strength and weaknesses of their case involving workers’ compensation, structural failure, breach of contract or other construction claim. Analysis of Documents If the claim is based on a contract, the consultant will begin the analysis by carefully reviewing these... Read More

How Construction Claim Preparation Can Affect Your Case

With many construction projects running into multi-million dollar budgets and involving multiple parties, the possibility of being embroiled in a construction dispute increase every year. Construction claim preparation may need to be completed after you learn about an impending contract dispute, employment claim or lawsuit against your business. Likewise, if you are the party pursuing resolution of the dispute or litigation, you will need to complete such preparation. Conducting proper construction claim preparation may help prevent a claim from going through litigation or help minimize your risk if it does. The need to prepare for a construction claim can arise... Read More
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