When to Consider Interim Short Term Management Services

Interim short term management services can help fill in the gap when management is not available to properly supervise new or ongoing projects. This situation may arise for a number of reasons, providing a basis to consider interim short term management services.


Interim management helps place individuals in key positions so that the business can continue operations in times of crisis or other times when management is otherwise unavailable. It takes the place of hiring methods that may take months to find a perfect fit. Interim managers can help fulfill this role because they usually have a strong and diverse background in the industry. Successful interim managers recognize the unique needs of each business and will help follow the business model to ensure continuity of services and operations. However, interim managers also bring a unique skill set to the work environment because they have likely faced similar challenges due to previous projects while the principal business may be experiencing these challenges for the first time.

Loss of Senior Manager

Whether due to death, illness, finding another job or being new competition, the loss of a senior manager can rock a steel company. The steel industry requires extensive knowledge and experience. Losing a senior manager can mean losing decades of experience that the business has relied on.

Project Crisis

A project may suffer from a crisis that it did not predict and did not know how to handle. This may mean that the business is faced with severe overages, a victim of bad weather or other events that threaten the financial security of the business and its investors. Interim management is often better suited to help during times of crises due to the managers’ ability to quickly assess the situation and develop actionable steps to minimize risk during this critical time.