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Why Would You Need a Reinforcing Steel Expert?

Construction defect lawsuits are extremely common and are often brought against multiple parties such as general contractors and subcontractors. Construction defect disputes involving steel reinforced cement require the expertise of a reinforcing steel expert. A reinforcing steel expert can conduct an investigation of the structure at issue, and then create an expert report regarding any determinations of reinforced steel defects as well as an estimate of damages. One of the more common reinforced steel construction defect issues involves what is called “spalling”, which refers to the exposure of reinforced steel bars as a result of the fragmenting of the concrete... Read More

Important Services Provided by a Reinforcing Steel Expert

Although providing an opinion at a court proceeding is an important task of a reinforcing steel expert, this is only one of many tasks with which this type of expert assists. A reinforcing steel expert may complete the following tasks: Consulting A steel expert can help consult on a case. This allows him or her to provide information and opinions to you without you having to necessarily reveal this information to the opposing party or have the expert cross-examined. This can help you gain a better understanding of the factual issues involved in your case. Reporting Another important service that... Read More

What Does a Reinforcing Steel Expert Do?

If you have found yourself involved in a construction litigation case, you are probably eager to finalize the claims as soon as possible. Construction claims often linger in the court system for years with massive amounts of money at stake—often reaching the millions of dollars. Because these cases are complex and are expensive to litigate, a number of expert witnesses may be hired to provide supporting evidence for at least some of the claims. Reinforcing steel is used to reinforce concrete in many types of structures. Reinforcing steel is a grid that is placed in wet concrete. The concrete and... Read More

Harmon Tower Debacle Demonstrates You Can’t Rely on Inspections to Catch Reinforcing Steel Problems

Many construction investors or property developers rely on the good faith of their contractors and the legally-required inspections that all major construction projects are subject to catch and defend against problems with improperly-installed reinforcing steel. However, a reinforcing steel expert in Birmingham AL will often tell a different story, as the ongoing saga of the Harmon Tower in Las Vegas has quickly become a cautionary tale in construction circles. The Harmon The Harmon was begun in 2006 and was to be a major new landmark in Las Vegas. Despite regular inspections certifying that the reinforcing steel had been installed correctly,... Read More