Important Services Provided by a Reinforcing Steel Expert

Although providing an opinion at a court proceeding is an important task of a reinforcing steel expert, this is only one of many tasks with which this type of expert assists. A reinforcing steel expert may complete the following tasks:


A steel expert can help consult on a case. This allows him or her to provide information and opinions to you without you having to necessarily reveal this information to the opposing party or have the expert cross-examined. This can help you gain a better understanding of the factual issues involved in your case.


Another important service that a reinforcing steel expert may provide is reporting. He or she may assess a particular case and determine why a structural issue resulted. He or she applies industry-specific knowledge and expertise to arrive at a result. This report may be used later during litigation, in settlement negotiations or as evidence to provide to the insurance company.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Appearance

While a steel expert may testify in court, he or she may alternatively testify or provide information in other proceedings. For example, your steel expert may testify at an arbitration proceeding. Having experience in the steel industry adds credibility and expertise to the expert. This characteristic allows him or her to deliver more reliable information. Likewise, a steel expert may testify in mediation. Alternatively, the report that he or she prepares may be presented to support the client’s case.