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Use Construction Claim Preparation to Decide How to Proceed with Your Case

Given the many parties involved in a typical construction contract, it is easy to understand why construction claims are so common.  Whether you are considering pursuing a legal claim against the other party or you may be named as a defendant in such a claim, construction claim preparation can give you a better idea about where you stand.  The sooner you start with construction claim preparation, the sooner you will be able to make a decision regarding the path you should take to handle the claim. Regardless of where the case goes, it is important that you conduct a thorough... Read More

What to Expect from a Construction Claims Analysis

In order to determine the strength of a particular claim, you may decide to bring in an independent consultant to conduct a construction claims analysis.  Having a professional assessment completed can help you learn about the strength of your case as well as any risks.  A construction claims analysis can be conducted on nearly any type of construction-related claim, including workers’ compensation, breach of contract, breach of warranty or other types of claims.  Knowing what to expect from this process can help you better understand its value. The first thing that your consultant will want to do is to review... Read More

Thinking Outside the Box in Alabama Construction Mediation Cases

One of the most significant benefits of Alabama construction mediation is the ability for the parties involved to fashion a solution that is tailored to their particular interests.  Left for a judge to decide, money damages are the most common form of relief.  However, litigation often comes at the expense of splintering important business relationships and connections.  During Alabama construction mediation, the parties can work to develop solutions that are better suited for them and the needs of their businesses. During mediation, the parties may take part in a brainstorming session.  During this session, it is important that the parties... Read More

Save Your Business with Interim Short Term Management Services

When you run into a crisis and lose a key executive or person in another important leadership role, interim short term management services can help fill the void.  Using interim short term management services can help you maintain your business operations while you take the steps to vet a proper replacement.  This strategy provides you with many benefits, including the following: Objective Assessment  When you retain interim short term management services, the first thing that will be done is a complete assessment of your business.  Experts will assess how your business is organized, its efficiency and its strengths and weaknesses. ... Read More

Checklist for a Construction Claims Expert

A construction claims expert is an independent consultant who is hired by a construction company to determine the viability of a particular claim.  There are many steps that a construction claims expert takes before delivering an opinion, including: Review of Documents  A construction claims expert reviews the documents related to the legal issue, including communications between the parties, contracts, OSHA regulations, claim forms and others. Analysis of Schedules, Costs and Changes  The claims expert will also review documentation and information related to the schedule of work, the costs and any changes made.  He or she may look for figures that... Read More