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Hiring a Structural Steel Expert to Provide Inefficiency Testimony

Determining the amount of lost profits and productivity is one of the most difficult parts of calculating damages in a construction litigation case. These damages cover the money a company lost due to the inefficiency of the construction process—perhaps available time was not used properly, or perhaps the entire construction process should have been planned differently. For such complex calculations, a structural steel expert will be helpful. Structural steel experts often provide inefficiency testimony that is used by a judge or jury to calculate appropriate damages. Without a structural steel expert, it may be difficult to calculate lost profits and... Read More

How Are Steel Fabrication Experts Qualified in Court?

Most people have heard of expert witness testimony, but many are unsure as to how such individuals are qualified as “experts” in a court case. Steel fabrication experts must meet certain criteria before they may testify in the courtroom. Although laws vary from state to state, most follow the guidelines set up by federal law. These guidelines ensure that the steel fabrication experts are knowledgeable and will provide useful information to the court so that a judge or jury may make a decision based upon the facts of the case. Expert witnesses must be knowledgeable in the subject matter they... Read More

Does Your Business Need Interim Short Term Management Services?

Interim short term management services are used by businesses and companies facing a crisis, such as the death of a manager or the impacts of a natural disaster. With interim short term management services, an interim manager that is highly qualified for the position steps in to help the business get its affairs in order after a crisis. Acting quickly in these situations saves the business from shutting down completely. How do you know if a crisis rises to the level of requiring interim short term management services? With interim short term management services, a crisis involves a substantial event... Read More

The Steps Involved in Construction Claims Analysis

Construction claims are among the most complex cases that must be decided in the courtroom. Dozens of parties are often involved in construction claims, and complicated principles of engineering and physics are central issues. Proper construction claims analysis is key to the success of your case. There are a number of phases and steps involved with construction claims analysis, however. It is best to hire a construction claims expert to assist with this intricate process. First, the facts of the claim must be carefully studied and analyzed. Analyzing the facts of a construction claim can be quite difficult. For example,... Read More

Improving Construction Claim Preparation

Construction claims are notoriously difficult to navigate. Preparing these claims for court often takes several months, or even years. Therefore, investing in construction claim preparation is essential for the success of your case. One of the best decisions you can make in your construction claim preparation is to hire an expert witness that can help you analyze and understand the facts and science behind your case. The first step in construction claim preparation is discovering whether a claim actually exists. In many cases, individuals believe that construction has been improperly completed, but in reality, no such claim may be possible.... Read More
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