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Benefits of Alabama Construction Mediation in Multi-Party Disputes

Construction cases rarely involve a single plaintiff and a single defendant. Rather, there may be multiple plaintiffs and defendants involved in these cases. However, even though there may be numerous individuals and entities involved in construction cases, Alabama construction mediation has proven successful in such claims. With Alabama construction mediation, the parties may settle their case months earlier than if they had tried to finalize it through the court system. In large, multi-party mediation sessions, the mediator may split the parties into groups, depending on the nature of the case. Dividing the parties into groups allows the mediator to organize... Read More

How Construction Claims Experts May Keep Your Case out of Court

Construction claims experts help the parties involved in a construction dispute understand the facts of the case and provide support to their arguments. Although many construction claims experts testify in court, a number of these experts help their clients keep their cases out of the courtroom, avoiding the headache of trial altogether. Throughout the case, construction claims experts will offer their clients insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their claims, as well as the claims of their opponents. Many construction claims experts are also skilled in anticipating the arguments of opposing counsel, particularly if they have years of experience... Read More

The Advantages of Using Business Coaching in Birmingham AL Early

Business coaching in Birmingham Alabama provides business owners and managers with the skills they need to run a successful organization. Business coaching in Birmingham Alabama is beneficial for companies of all sizes, ranging from sole proprietorships to multimillion-dollar corporations. Although many organizations wait until there is some sort of problem to consider business coaching, businesses will benefit much more if they use business coaching services early—even before the business has been formed. At the earliest stages of the creation of a business or organization, important decisions must be made about its ownership, profits, and its structure. Business coaches are available... Read More
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