Benefits of Alabama Construction Mediation in Multi-Party Disputes

Construction cases rarely involve a single plaintiff and a single defendant. Rather, there may be multiple plaintiffs and defendants involved in these cases. However, even though there may be numerous individuals and entities involved in construction cases, Alabama construction mediation has proven successful in such claims. With Alabama construction mediation, the parties may settle their case months earlier than if they had tried to finalize it through the court system.

In large, multi-party mediation sessions, the mediator may split the parties into groups, depending on the nature of the case. Dividing the parties into groups allows the mediator to organize the mediation process. Each group will be better able to discuss their settlement goals as well.

The mediator may also choose to begin mediation by discussing certain claims. In many construction cases, the resolution of larger claims may effectively resolve smaller claims. Based on this theory, the mediator may therefore choose to mediate the biggest claims first to see how they impact the remaining claims.

Mediation does not have to be completed in a single session. In fact, in many cases, mediation occurs over several sessions, each a few hours to a full day in length. Although the mediation process may take several weeks, the parties will still save a significant amount of time. Alabama court dockets are backlogged, and it may take months or a year or longer to receive a trial date in a construction case. With construction mediation, the parties may settle their dispute quickly and efficiently.