Improving Construction Claim Preparation

Construction claims are notoriously difficult to navigate. Preparing these claims for court often takes several months, or even years. Therefore, investing in construction claim preparation is essential for the success of your case. One of the best decisions you can make in your construction claim preparation is to hire an expert witness that can help you analyze and understand the facts and science behind your case.

The first step in construction claim preparation is discovering whether a claim actually exists. In many cases, individuals believe that construction has been improperly completed, but in reality, no such claim may be possible. An expert will be able to look at the facts of the case and determine whether an individual or entity should be liable for the events that occurred.

During construction claim preparation, you will work with expert witnesses and other individuals to create your arguments and any necessary defenses. This will involve careful study of the documents in the case, such as meeting minutes, contracts, invoices, emails, and other related items. The construction site itself will be examined, and pieces from the property at issue may be sent off to various labs for a closer analysis.

As the case approaches the trial phase, you will work with your expert witness to create exhibits, charts, and graphs that explain the facts of the case. These items will be especially useful in settlement negotiations and, if those are unsuccessful, in the courtroom. With careful planning, you will present the strongest case possible.