Why Would You Need a Reinforcing Steel Expert?

Construction defect lawsuits are extremely common and are often brought against multiple parties such as general contractors and subcontractors. Construction defect disputes involving steel reinforced cement require the expertise of a reinforcing steel expert. A reinforcing steel expert can conduct an investigation of the structure at issue, and then create an expert report regarding any determinations of reinforced steel defects as well as an estimate of damages.

One of the more common reinforced steel construction defect issues involves what is called “spalling”, which refers to the exposure of reinforced steel bars as a result of the fragmenting of the concrete surface. Spalling is common in bridges, parking garages and other concrete structures. Concrete spalling can be cause by:

  • the use of road salt or sodium chloride
  • repetitive freeze-thaw cycles
  • improper concrete finishing operations

Spalling is not just unsightly, it can be hazardous. Spalling on the underside of bridges can fall off potentially causing damage to motorists and pedestrians as well as creating unsafe road conditions. Additionally, badly spalled cement surfaces can lead to rapid degradation of reinforcing steel, jeopardizing the integrity of structures and requiring expensive repair work.

At that point, experts are often called in to determine with reasonable technical certainty the cause or causes of the spalled concrete and consequent liability of any parties associated with the construction and/or maintenance of the structure. If you are involved in a construction defect case regarding spalling or any other issue related to steel reinforced concrete, contact a local reinforcing steel expert for assistance.