What Does a Reinforcing Steel Expert Do?

If you have found yourself involved in a construction litigation case, you are probably eager to finalize the claims as soon as possible. Construction claims often linger in the court system for years with massive amounts of money at stake—often reaching the millions of dollars. Because these cases are complex and are expensive to litigate, a number of expert witnesses may be hired to provide supporting evidence for at least some of the claims. Reinforcing steel is used to reinforce concrete in many types of structures. Reinforcing steel is a grid that is placed in wet concrete. The concrete and steel combination adds a great deal of strength to the structure. Therefore, reinforcing steel experts offer their expertise on these structures in many construction cases. Reinforcing steel experts examine the facts of the case to determine if and how the reinforcing steel in a building was faulty.

For the expert to provide insight into the case, you must provide as much information as possible. Take your reinforcing steel expert to the site of the damage, if possible, and provide blueprints, contracts, repair reports, and any other such documents so that the expert gains a comprehensive understanding of the case. Keep your expert informed on the progress of the case, and seek advice where necessary.

Reinforcing steel experts may assist you in various phases of the case, from drafting a complaint to analyzing evidence to preparing for trial. These experts may provide the testimony or report necessary for favorable results.