Hire a Construction Claims Expert to Increase Your Case’s Value

Construction cases, whether they settle prior to trial or spend two weeks in a courtroom battle, are expensive, lengthy, and complicated. These cases often involve dozens of parties, mountains of paperwork, hours of depositions, and thousands upon thousands of dollars of legal fees and court costs. The thought of adding another expense to the pile is daunting to many parties, but hiring a construction claims expert will actually increase the value of your case, offsetting any cost the expert requires during the case. Construction claims experts study the claims and defenses in a case and offer insight into how these claims and defenses may be strengthened.

An expert may only work with one party in a case, so if you have a construction claims expert in mind, you should hire this expert as soon as possible. If you wait too long, another party in the case may hire the expert you wanted.

When you hire a construction claims expert, you show the other parties in the case that you are serious about fighting to prevail. In fact, many parties will begin making settlement offers upon learning that you have hired a reputable construction claims expert. Skilled experts are able to take the complicated facts of a construction case and break them down for a judge and jury so that they are easier to understand—strengthening your case significantly.

Construction claims experts help their clients with not only the merits of the claims, but also the damages that should be awarded to a party. Judges and juries are wary to award monetary damages to a party without clear proof of what the party deserves. With an expert explaining the damages in a case, judges and juries are much more likely to offer higher rewards, adding thousands of dollars to the case.