How Construction Claims Consultants Help in Each Step of a Case

Having a skilled, experienced consultant on your side will benefit you no matter what type of case you may be involved in. Consultants become increasingly valuable as the size and complexity of the case grows. Because construction cases often take years to resolve and require the analysis of thousands of pages of documents, construction claims consultants are excellent resources. Construction claims consultants provide guidance and input throughout a construction case, even if it never goes to trial.

At the case’s inception, whether you are the individual bringing a claim or building a defense, you should hire a construction claims consultant to address the strengths and weaknesses of the case. If you are the plaintiff, these consultants can help you and your attorney with the initial paperwork involved with filing a case. If you are defending the claim, the consultant may point out weaknesses and shortcomings in the plaintiff’s case. Either way, a consultant will help you select the best routes to take in the next phase.

As the case progresses, you and your attorney may seek the advice of your construction claims consultant. An important part of construction litigation is the discovery phase, or the exchange of documents and other evidence with the opposing parties prior to trial. As you receive evidence from the opposing parties, your construction claims consultant will help you study it and use it in your case.

In almost every construction case, settlement offers are tossed out prior to trial. With the assistance of your construction claims expert, you will be able to craft a reasonable settlement offer to send to the opposing parties, and you will also be able to determine whether settlement offers sent to you are adequate.

Finally, if the case does go to trial, construction claims experts will help plan your strategy.